Wellcome to the shop and website Abrahamsgården

The shop is located upstairs in the handicraft haus Abrahamsgården in Norberg. The shop is an association of craftsman from the area around. You can find art handicraft with high quality for all occasions. For example: pottery, textile, glass art, woodwork, skin rugs, wool art, metal art, clothes and jewellery.

Our courses and pottery are located downstairs in the buildning.  Under tab ”kurser” on the website you can find current courses and workshops.

The Buildings at Abrahamsgården have an old history dates back to  from medieval times. The Buildings are one of Norbergs oldest farms. Iron-making in Norberg has been very important for the area and can be traced back to the 500s  Unfortynately there are no mines in operation today.

Opening hours

1 May -4 september Open every day 11-17 ( 11 e.m -05 p.m)

5  September – 30 april  Closed

Address: Fagerstavägen 10-12, Kvarngatan 1, 738 32 NORBERG, abrahamsgarden@outlook.com 

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